The Skype Interviews feature is a new business-oriented web tool. Now, start interviews with a real-time code editor that supports multiple languages.

There are many applications, surfaces, and tools which allow interviewers to conduct their interviews for potential employees. The most recent tool, or feature, if you will, is presented by Skype. Skype Interviews Feature is really a part of Skype, so the good thing is, as long as you’re running Skype, you don’t really have to download any apps, plugins, or additional software.

In addition, Skype currently supports Google Chrome 32 or higher and Microsoft Edge.

It’s Old, But It Has Something New

So like I mentioned before, there are much more tools on the market for doing interviews. For instance, CodePad, Codility, CodeEval, HackerRank, eyeson and others. However, Skype Interviews feature, of course, comes along with the platform itself. This makes it a consistent tool for exclusive video calls of any sort.

When you use the Skype Interviews feature, the interviewer can conduct a test on the candidates along with instructions and feedback. This allows the interviewer to figure whether they are right fit or not. Skype Interviews feature supports several popular languages, for instance, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Java.

How To Try Skype Interviews

To use this new Skype tool, you do not need the Skype application. Instead, you must go to the main page, which is quite familiar to all of us.

In order for the interview to start, the interviewer has to click the button “Start Interview” which is located in the Skype Interviews Feature page (

When the interviewer does this, he will receive a link, which he then has to share with the candidates. You can share this link whichever way he wants to, as long as the candidate clicks on the link, therefore, joining the interview.

As for the candidates, prior to starting the interview, they have to choose whether they want to join as a guest, or join with an existing account.

The feature is still in testing mode. The reason behind this is acquiring additional feedback which will help improve the feature. For now, the Skype Interviews feature still remains in preview mode.