You have a business idea, thinking deeply about your startup success, and now what? For sure you have a lot of things to think about and of course, Failory is here to guide you. This is a place you learn about the startup failures so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Startup success

Let’s say you think your business idea is the next big thing. But do you know the steps you need to take to make it famous worldwide? Do you have strategies and know how to get people on your social media? And most importantly, do you know how your website will look like. Better yet, do you have any idea how to attract customers or users? If you answered all or most of these questions negatively, then Failory is the right place to dive into.

The Brainstorming Part

We all have dreamed about starting our own business and ditch our 9-5 jobs where you have to obey your superiors or worse, to do the job of your colleagues while they are entertaining themselves on their phones. While it is fun having colleagues, it is definitely a lot better to be your own boss and work on something you truly believe in, which will include setting your own working hours, budget and days off.

Although this sounds like the perfect job in the world, it definitely comes with risks. First of all is the budget. Starting a business means investing tons of money before they come right back in your pocket, which means either you will have to come up with a ‘killer campaign’ or you will need to keep your job and do this entrepreneur hustle on the side. This could definitely result in a setback for some people because nothing is 100% in this world.

On top of that, we have read and felt about the arrogance problem of Silicon Valey. So it will be one of your wise decisions to follow Failory and see how other individuals are dealing with the business world, learn about and from their failures, learn about their startup success.

Failory – Save Your and Someone Else’s Business

You know how they say – “You can’t succeed on your own.” Well, this is what motivated a group of business people with failed businesses on the side to create Failory. This is a website that supports ideas, tips and most of all – business strategies. Also, it is a great opportunity to get sponsored by them or to employ and get employed by someone. Because you never know when the opportunity will knock on your door!

Damage Control

Let’s be realistic. No one wants to work on a project, invest a lot of hours, hopes and dreams only to be disappointed in the end. However, 90% of the businesses end up being a failure and in case you did manage to succeed on your own, feel free to share your strategies on Failory.

People who provide feedback are the best teachers in the world. In addition, being an entrepreneur is all about learning and implementing the feedback provided into something great. If you have an idea or you are great about coaching people, you are what Failory needs. Don’t let the name elude you because it is all about prosperity!