YouTube Go is the best way to download YouTube videos on Android and it lets you watch videos wherever you are. Here are all the details.

YouTube has a ‘problem’ which is repeated in all streaming video apps, i.e. it consumes many megabytes. The video requires high data traffic and this affects the mobile users. And that is not all! It also requires a certain minimum transfer speed to function properly.  The solution? Well, you can download videos and see them offline thanks to YouTube Go, which is arguably the best way to download YouTube videos. Although you can download videos off YouTube using any other application and watch them without Internet. Mobile users with limited internet connection are the primary users of Youtube Go. At the moment, this is only available for Android devices and for iOS we will have to wait a bit more.

Download YouTube Videos with High Quality

YouTube Go already allows us to download YouTube videos of high quality and to watch them without spending mobile data. This application is the right hand to all the emerging markets.

The idea of Google is that users download the app to avoid connection problems during video playback. Limited mobile data or poor connection speed are the reasons behind video lag on Youtube. So users with such connections should use Youtube Go to download their videos on the mobile phones and watch them afterwards without any lag. If you are travelling or you have a bad Internet connection, you’ll either have to settle with available TV channels (which are usually not the best choice). Or you can watch TV shows offline. Or watch Youtube videos by downloading them offline using Youtube Go, even on that slow internet connection. For us, it’s the best way to download YouTube videos.

The Best Way To Download YouTube Videos In Places with Bad Connection

In a hyper-connected world, there are still many countries that have networks which are not fast enough. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh are only a few. These places, although having millions of inhabitants, have slow networks which are also expensive.

That is why there are ‘light’ applications from many websites or services, such as Facebook Lite (which you can download it here) and YouTube Go that fall into this category.

YouTube Go allows you to download videos and store them in the internal mobile memory or microSD card. It also allows you to share the videos with other people who have the application via Bluetooth, without spending data. You can download the YouTube Go app from Play Store, although, it seems to be blocked in several countries.