Meditation is a way of resting your body from working or studying too hard. So, when you can’t focus enough, play with MindFi.  

I know there are heaps of meditation apps which all have the exact same objective. They are supposed to restore your brain and offer it the proper rest even for a few minutes. However, what happens when you don’t have time to properly rest? For instance, when you have an exam tomorrow, but you can’t focus enough neither you have time to sleep? MindFi is a great way to remain awake but meditate at the same time. It may not be the first meditation app, however, it is one of the most functional ones for sure.  

MindFi – App That Leads to Success  

MindFi is the perfect solution when you are distracted. Let’s face it, Facebook, Instagram, and your friend’s texts are the biggest problem when it comes to being focused. You just started studying but your friend posted a funny video? You better check it out – says your brain… But, in fact, you shouldn’t.   

Being distracted by photos, videos or texts is so common in our days, that we sometimes forget how much time has passed and we haven’t achieved the essential results. Even this happens to me, so I am always wondering how the time passed so fast. In lack of focus, self-control should play an important role. But, in cases when it can’t, MindFi is here to assist.  

MindFi – More Interesting Version of Meditation

If I am being honest, standard meditation has never worked for me, because I always think of something. I am not much of a patient person because my thoughts are always wandering, but MindFi has actually helped me a lot!  

With this meditation app, it is easy to rest without having to close your eyes. The sessions last 3 minutes and it is similar to listening to a song or making a phone call. Bjorn Lee along with his team has made meditation fun and easy. You don’t have to separate a whole hour for meditation. Instead, with this meditation app, you can do it in three minutes on your way from work.