There are many search engines for the travel deals, with even more coverage. However, only a few can offer elegant last minute travel deals like Destigogo.

It is a search engine for tourist destinations that will bring forward the type of trips we are looking for and on the budget we have. Destigogo will automatically recognize our current state of living and where we are standing.

Once it has the information, we will obtain a list of proposals with approximate prices per person. These suggestions will indicate at all times if they include a flight, menus, whether it’s a hotel or private apartment, etc.

Destigogo is not innovative, but the way it is presenting the information is simple and pleasant. It draws attention to a category that has evolved in recent years towards portals extremely loaded with information and publicity. In this case, it is a pilot project created by two brothers, Kevin and Roy Jolling.

Therefore, it is possible that you will still find many mistakes, so, you need to mature in many ways. But the approach you are offered is perfect, and this is what every traveler wants in a site like this. The kind of feeling you are looking for, the days available, the budget, and of course, the best last minute travel deals.

Luxury travel deals and the best last minute travel deals

Kevin Jolling, one of the makers, said that it started out as a little project to learn to code together. However, it has now become a full-fledged travel search engine. Destigogo will help you discover the world’s best travel destinations. You only need to set your budget and desired duration. Then, the system will show you all the destinations that seem fit.

So far they have tracked more than 650 destinations around the world, and the number will increase during the coming months, so we must be attentive to its evolution.

Among those destinations, you can surely find whatever you looking for. Whether that be last minute travel deals, luxury travel deals, traveling somewhere near you, or simply a low budget deal for an economy family travel. And did we mention that you can also live and work remotely?