The future of grocery shopping is here and it is revolutionary. Bid farewell to the crowd in front of the cash register thanks to Amazon Go.

How many times have you been late for something, just because someone could not guess their credit card PIN number? How many times has the person behind the register looked at you for not having the proper change? In a few years, all this will not matter, because Amazon Go can be right in your neighbourhood.

Amazon recently bought off Whole Foods for staggering $13.7 billion dollars. Jeff Bezos says the main factor for this step is because they have been taking excellent care of their customers for decades. Since everyone is taking better care of themselves, natural and organic food will be also present at Amazon Go shelves as well.

The Future Is Closer Than You Think

If you have already seen the Amazon Go promotional video, then what I have to say will not surprise you. However, for those who just found out the whole thing about the future of grocery shopping, hear me out.

Have you ever imagined how great it would be to shop and just get out of the store without waiting in front of the register? I am sure you did. So, here is how the whole “Shop and get out” will work.

One App to Rule Them All

The whole grocery shopping experience is powered by the technology used for automatic cars. The “Just Walk Out Technology” tracks everything you buy and return. It detects successfully every product and the direction you are headed.

Amazon will try to improve the whole experience for the customers by monitoring their movement, their price preference and deciding what they want to buy the most. Will this lead to putting the locks on many businesses? We will live to tell. Other than that, Amazon Go is looking for new friendly faces, so if you support the whole idea, you can join them.

The first store is available just for Amazon employees and it is located at 2131 7th Avenue. Don’t be impatient! Soon, other stores will be available throughout America.

We don’t have the information when they will expend worldwide, but one thing is for sure – Amazon Go is the future of shopping.