Are you the friend that can always make the perfect photos, but others always take horrible of you? The Pocket Tripod is the solution for this!

For a long time, I have been asking myself why some individuals are talentless when it pertains to taking a photograph. After some time, I gave up… I guess I settled on the fact that I will never have the ideal photos as most Instagrammers do.

It was not until I heard of the Pocket Tripod, that I actually considered purchasing a tripod for taking my photos. This does not make me a professional photographer, a trendsetter or else. From time to time, it is good to have some nice photos, a phone holder while you are making video calls or something static while resting and watching a movie.

It’s Not Something New… But It’s Customized

Tripods have been the most crucial tool for photographers for many years now. This is a fantastic tool that provides stability and taking clearer images at some point. When cameras are really made so small and can fit your pocket, why this should stop the tripod?

After all, if you see something you like, you are not going to return home to take the camera. Instead, you will reach out to your pocket and make the Pocket Tripod usable.

Wallet Tripod

The Pocket Tripod fits your wallet obviously

All of us know that static tripods are probably the best when it comes to taking a video or a photo. However, these are not always the most practical. For example, imagine going somewhere and taking an entire bag with electronic camera, tripod, and who knows what else. It’s not practical, right?

The Pocket Tripod is small enough to fit your wallet, considering that the design is quite similar to a credit card. The past year, millions of people have bought it and raised twice more money than the company anticipated.

The Pocket Tripod was initially made for iPhones. However, Rambod Radmard thought of a better way to include all smartphone users in this project.

After months of research, innovation and hard work, the Pocket Tripod was accustomed to keep every device secure at 360°. Some individuals claimed that taking the case on and off constantly is not something they are willing to do. So, this raised an alarm and motivated Rambod to create one tripod for all.

Now, no matter what case or phone you have, you can use it everywhere!