The new iPhone X will be hitting the stores on 3th of November. We bring you its look and features right on time!

The facial recognition of the user and a screen that covers virtually the entire front surface by minimizing frames and removing the start button are keys to the new iPhone X. The new Apple smartphone goes on sale starting at $999. Will you be buying it?

Sneak Peek at the New iPhone X

The first iPhone revolutionized a decade of technology… Now, ten years later, the multi-billionaire company on this day is presenting a product that will make a road for technology in the next decade.

The highlight of the whole iPhone X presentation was the presentation of the new facial recognition software – Face ID. This identification technology replaces the Touch ID touch-screen and uses an infrared camera, among other things.

iPhone X Features

Another of the great new features of iPhone X is the 5.8-inch OLED screen that will take almost the entire front of the device by minimizing the frames, which previously limited and framed the touch surface.

The new model also eliminates the start button, a key function to handle the interface of the previous iPhone. The screen of the new mobile, which Apple has called Super Retina, will have a resolution of 2436×1125 and 458 pixels per inch.

The deletion of the start button will alter the normal operation of the iPhone. So, in iPhone X, for example, to return to the base screen will have to slide the finger from the bottom of the mobile, while to activate the Siri digital assistant you can press and hold the side button. Apple also stressed that the batteries of the new iPhone X will last two hours longer than the previous model, and also ensured that it will be compatible with a system to power its batteries with a wireless charger.

How Wireless Charging Functions

Wireless charging depends on wire coils embedded in gadgets or device cases, called induction coils, and electromagnetic induction, which produces electrical power, to send energy from one device to another.

While it’s convenient if you’re tired of plugging in your devices, wireless charging is also sluggish when it concerns charging. If you’re searching for a faster technique, you need to decide for a wired connection.

Perhaps Wireless Charging Is Not The Best Option

Are you all set to leave your phone ignored, ineffective on that cordless pad, rather of just hooking it approximately a six-foot charging cable? At least you can hold it while charging it.

Well, this was all about the new iPhone X that is making Apple users anxious to hold it. What is your personal opinion about the wireless charging? Will you be using it?