How good your memory is when it comes to remembering where have you been a few months or years ago? Swarm 5.0 goes through your memories.

Swarm 5.0 is the new journaling app sponsored by Foursquare and Dennis Crowley as a founder. This lifelog app is implied to offer a brand-new way of considering the hallmark check-in process. Now, everything is less about gamification and leaderboards and more personal. Among the features you can use making photos, creating text and videos and a lot more! It can be really fun, especially if you are a person that has quite a busy life.

Swarm 5.0 – The New Sensational Generation

Can you tell exactly where you have been the past Saturday? Because I can, now that I use tried this app (but I couldn’t until I have tried it).  

If you have troubles with remembering that dish you ate at some restaurant or what was the name of that club you were a few weeks ago, Swarm 5.0 is the perfect solution. Also, it can be a lifesaver when it comes to remembering that coffee you had in Barcelona or elsewhere…

Foursquare’s new Swarm 5.0 is definitely the greatest by far. The sentence might sound a bit of a cliché, but it’s the truth. Although we have seen some similar features to the previous generations, this one quite improved and offers more logs than previously. Instead of writing the date on the old photos, and creating a separate diary for memories, you should try this app which is the easiest way to have everything organized.  

The lifelog looks are almost the same, but instead, more attention has been paid to the number of locations you have been to. Likewise, more details have been included about the places you have been to – in case you ever forget!

Swarm 5.0 – Throw Back to Highschool  

When my friend introduced to me a similar app as Swarm 5.0 6 years ago, I laughed at her and said to her ‘Hey, how come you need an app for logging stuff daily, when all we do is study and nothing else’. Don’t judge me! This was before Instagram, Snapchat and Twitting became popular.

As I grew up, I realized how important memories can be, and now I keep logging and logging events, photos, and interesting stuff, in case I ever feel nostalgic for the good old times.