Either Apple does not know how to keep their secrets or they do not want to keep them at all. Read the full review of the iPhone X (10).

Recently Apple has published the new qualifications and characteristics of the newest model iPhone X which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the company. This is precisely why the new iPhone has gotten the “X” in the name.

iPhone X Has Tremendous Changes

Apple avoids major confrontations with the new iPhone X. It changes the material, updates, the processor but maintains in line in regards to the design. The new jewel has infinite screens. There are no borders and they are minimal. LG and Samsung already did that with the G6 and Galaxy S8.

Instead of just leaving a black stripe on top, they have silhouetted up the headset. The result is a panel with ears. The remaining gaps will show the time, information about the coverage of the terminal as well as the battery. The main advantage, being able to offer a screen surface the size of the iPhone Plus in the body of a normal iPhone.

iPhone X Screen

The apple no longer has metallic skin. Forget the aluminum that has served as a skeleton to these phones from the iPhone 5. The frame of the iPhone X is again made of tempered glass. Black and just as clean as ever. Only the logo of the apple and the double chamber (arranged vertically this time). Those are the main physical details of a phone that repeats resistance to dust and water.

The screen will now embrace the Super Retina technology, leaving what has been known as Retina so far for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. The 5.8-inch panel that incorporates this device is an OLED, which will offer a 1125 by 2436 pixel resolution, with a screen density of 458 pixels. This change will be underpinned with Dolby Vision and True Tone technology, already present in their iPads, and allows adapting the color temperature to the conditions of light at any time.

Face ID: Do not put your finger, put your face

The new design of iPhone X will force a major change. There will, therefore, be no fingerprint unlocking, although some rumors pointed to a sensor in the back. Now, to exit an application, it will have to slide up.

It is the turn to face recognition with a system named Face ID. Therefore, they have had to place depth sensors in the front. To configure it, you have to move the head in circles so that the system can detect the features and characteristics of the user. This will affect the way you use Apple Pay, of course. Now you have to put your face, not your finger. And no, you cannot be fooled by a photo because it measures the volume of the face.

Dual camera and augmented reality

The camera has a dual sensor, both 12-megapixel resolution, one lens is a wide angle (f 1/8) and the other, a telephoto (f / 2.4). One of the strengths is that both sensors have dual optical image stabilizer.

With it, you can offer two optical zoom increases and 10 digital zoom, plus the popular bokeh effect, which has been enhanced with the Portrait Lighting function, which analyzes the scene and adjusts the brightness of the background. Also, the video section will be recording in 4K at 60 fps or 1080p at 260fps, ideal for slow-motion videos. The front camera will feature seven megapixels, ‘autofocus’ and depth sensors.

Release Date & Price

The iPhone X will not be an immediate launch, unlike the iPhone 8, which can be booked from this Friday. In the case of the iPhone X will have to wait until 3 November to receive it and can be booked from October 27. The bad, the price: remember 1,159 euros for the 64GB model and 1,319 for the 256GB model. Apple, once again, has arrived where others do not arrive. Even in the price.