We all work with a lot of tabs open. This can be frustrating, so to avoid the computer screen to freeze or searching too much, you need Toby.

We can all relate how frustrating it is to have a lot of tabs open at once. Not knowing where you have put something important can double increase the time of your turnout, so I present you the new solution for Google Chrome that will help you organize the tabs fast and easy – Toby

Toby – Similar to Trello, But With Different Purpose

I am sure you are quite familiar with Trello. This software allows organizing boards, so you can easily slide into a different project. Well, this is the case with Toby as well, only it organizes browser tabs into just one. Many individuals share the same opinion that bookmarking is for books and not browsers, and I will definitely agree on that.

Anyways, let me introduce you to Toby a bit in details. As I mentioned, it has the same concept as Trello, allowing you to classify groups in a simple way. We can have them divided by themes easily, and to make a difference between each, you can add any colour you prefer. This way, what is really important can be appointed easily.

Good News – Toby Is Free for Everyone

I know that some people make a living by selling apps and stuff.  However, personally, I would never spend $150 or more on something that is supposed to help me organize things. This is what I love about Toby. It is free and you just need to install the plugin and open a new tab to see the control panel of your favourite sites. I am sure you are familiar that having tens of tabs open can be quite bad for our RAM, so to avoid any additional problems, you might want to try this.

To avoid messy situations, a search option is also included, so you can easily search for a site, but also if you have more than thousand websites saved, it might be better if you use ranking list.

Happy First Birthday Toby

Benny Giang, Mack Flavelle, Guilherme Twardowski and Arthur Camara are celebrating the first year of this plugin. Oh and by the way, did I mention that now, you will not only be able to keep track on tabs, but you can also share it with a team, without using Google Drive, Slack etc?

Well, happy birthday Toby and we are eager to see what you have prepared for us next!