How often do you take a look at your dog, but you don’t know what he/she wants? Waggit precisely reveals your dog’s needs and issues.

As a dog lover, I must say that I don’t always know what my best friend is doing. Also, not every time I can find here at home because she loves her freedom. As they say ” if a dog comes back at you after you give them the freedom, it really loves you.” Well, my dog does, so I don’t keep her under a fence. Not to mention, she would definitely find a way to get out!  Waggit is the perfect solution for tracking your dog. If your pup is far different from mine, you will find this dog collar really useful.

Waggit Is So Much More Than a Tracer

Tracers are available almost everywhere, particularly in pet stores. However, what these shops often do not have at disposal are tracking devices, not to mention something comparable to Waggit.

This is the most innovative dog collar that tells you a lot about how your best pal is feeling, whether there are some changes in the habits or if he seriously requires medical attention. After all, if these gadgets were available in the past, numerous dog lives would have been saved right on time!

In addition, with Waggit it is easy to detect any small change in your dog’s routine, the amount of time he spent sleeping, eating, playing or changes similar to his body temperature or the amount of water drunk throughout the day.

Waggit – Your Dog’s Personal Vet 24/7

If you have tried any of the human apps for leading a better life, this is a lot alike. The only difference is – it tracks your dog’s day. Until now, no one has really thought of creating something for their beloved pets says the CEO Susan Sierota.  

Currently, this is only just an idea, but with our help, this could be a big important step when it comes to our dog’s health. For now, the goal of $100.000 is not reached, and we have only less than 45 days to go on… In case the goal is accomplished, besides the Waggit app, there will be a Training Support Center that will enable complete training for your dog.

Although the dog collar is intended for much bigger dogs, soon there will be devices available for smaller ones and for cats as well.