Franz 5 is all in one messaging app that joins 16 messaging services and it is one of the most popular ones when it comes to third-party services.

Franz 5 is a universal messaging app. It is all in one messaging app, and the whole purpose of it is to be able to use 10 messaging services: WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Skype, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, HipChat, Grape, WeChat, Group Me, Tweetdeck, Google Inbox, Google Calendar, Gmail, Discord, LinkedIn, Office 365/Outlook, Trello, and Google Keep. I bet this app can save you a lot of time while working, and believe me, it is a life changer! Having to work with these apps on daily basis and having to switch constantly is not something that is easy to do. Now, you can focus on other things instead of checking your inboxes!

The Franz 5 application is born in Vienna by technology consultant Jonathan Burke and graphic designer Stefan Malzner. It was born out of necessity since its two creators realized the annoyance of installing several apps and having to go from one to the other to use them when working. Currently, Franz 5 is a cross-platform application available for both Windows and Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. Although it has been alive for a few weeks, it already has more than 22,000 installations.

Franz 5 Explains What Is Unified Messaging

How is it possible to combine all these services utilizing the very same application? Well, thanks to Franz 5 – all in one messaging app this is not just easy but efficient as well. The app does not ‘fight’ with the APIs of each one to create an application. It is extremely simple to install it and the only thing you need to do is double-click on it. There are no alternatives or discussions, just install it and you are ready to start using it!

In the main screen, you can see all the services supported. The only thing we have to do is double-click on the one we want to use and enter a name for its tab. Then, when entering it we will see the web of the service, so we will have to identify ourselves.

There is no type of unified interface, since in essence what we have is a browser with a tab for each service. This is good for those who like Slack, WhatsApp or Telegram which have same interfaces. Nevertheless, it can be less effective for other services similar to Hangout.

The Novelty in This All in One Messaging App

In essence, the application fulfils what it promises! It allows you to use 16 messaging services without having to open each one separately. In addition, each tab works independently of the others, so that you can use several accounts of the same service.

The main novelty of Franz 5 is that now we can create a user account, and thus have all our accounts and services synchronized. This means we can download them all in one messaging app on another computer and login in a few seconds on all our profiles.

The Universal Messaging App Is Safe for Use

These days, many people’s emails are used for campaigns or other matters without their consent, so everyone is a bit sceptical of trying some app that requires adding personal info. I, personally, try to avoid a situation where I have to give something more than my emails because I don’t want my inbox full of unimportant emails or worse, of someone hacking my accounts. All of that is apparently easy these days, so it is normal to be a bit scared when providing your data. Anyways, the Franz 5 leaders ensure us that none of our emails or passwords is stored in a database.

In addition, they have added some new services. However, if you are interested in adding another connection to the platform, you can fill a request form.

Another great novelty is that now it is, finally, an open source project. You can check all the information on this Github page. Franz is still a free application, but they have added some payment options that may interest some users. According to the prices on the main webpage, the options range from supporting VPNs to managing equipment.

I hope that Franz will become your all-time favourite app among all in one messaging apps. In the meantime, we will try and bring you more apps that will save you time and research!