If you own a business page, then Botletter is for you! It is a solution that provides contacting directly with users.

Botletter is a SaaS solution made by Nicolas Le Roux. His idea of connecting service providers with customers through Facebook Messenger is a genius! Now, people can register for your newsletter through Facebook Messenger and you will have the ability to send them messages and cards attached whenever you have something new to show.

Botletter Up Close

As I previously stated, Botletter is made to ease the life of entrepreneurs and business providers. Since sending newsletters through Messenger has never been this easy. If you have been accustomed to using MailChimp as a service, you can now try this one that will definitely gain your trust.

Why Do You Need To Use Botletter?

Besides the numerous benefits, these two are what counts most. The typical open rate with this software is 80% in comparison to email newsletters – 20%. With no efforts for coding, you can send a link directly to your Facebook Page.

Then people can actually register directly through Messenger. In addition, you will have the possibility to send them messages and cards whenever you came up with something new. Lastly, you can access to all the data and see the numbers. You can check the list of subscribers, who opened your letters and the number of times someone clicked. This is something similar to Google Analytics.

Produce a Brand-new Marketing Channel in Minutes

Starting up your Botletter is so easy. Just select the Facebook Page to host your botletter, come up with a great opening message and there you go! This solution deals with any Facebook Page which is not already operating with a chatbot.

Get In Touch With Your Users via Messenger

All those individuals who are registered to your Botletter don’t need to actually like your page in order to receive messages. Neither is mandatory to use the Messenger app. Likewise, users who happen to follow your page will not get notifications with your messages, if they don’t subscribe in the chat. The Botletter will by no means interfere with the conversation when you speak directly with your customers.