If you’re anything like me, what you’re interested in day to day completely changes based on your particular mood. Groggy and hungry? I probably want fast, greasy breakfast food, not a protein shake. But if I get my 8 hours and hit an early morning yoga session? Give me an avocado and kale smoothie, stat. Have a similar problem? Thankfully, newbie startup company Cooplo gets us. They’ve created an app that provides personalized recommendations for what to eat, see, or do based on your current mood.

Cooplo is like Foursquare and Yelp in that you can browse and discover new places to check out, but that’s where the similarities stop. Unlike Yelp, where you have to read reviews from people who claim they know more than you do, Cooplo listens to Numero Uno: That’s right, you. Commander in Chief of your brain and your appetite. You are the most influential person in making any decision, so why not listen to what you actually need, instead of taking a stranger’s word for it?

Here’s how it works: after going to Cooplo’s website or downloading the app, simply tell Cooplo what you’re looking for. Are you hungry, or looking for a cool event to impress a first date? After this, tell Cooplo what mood you’re in. Are you pumped and energetic, or feeling sort of lazy? Are you heartbroken and don’t want anything too romantic? Let Cooplo know, and in seconds they’ll deliver matches that align with your mood and preferences. Every match is hand-picked by city experts who’ve done their research, so you don’t have to comb through pages of reviews before settling on the same taco truck you frequent every Thursday night. There are even “editor’s choice” selections available on each list of results, for those times when even choosing a place from a curated list seems too daunting.

A great addition to Cooplo is the ability to send your matches to your friends, so they can join in with you (unless you tell Cooplo you want to be alone, then maybe skip the friends part). It’s the best way to send recommendations to your friends or invite them to the hip indie concert you’ve found. We all want to be the cool friend who has the inside scoop to the latest restaurant or band, and Cooplo lets you be that friend. You’re welcome, other friends.

This all sounds really great, right? Problem is, since Cooplo is still in beta, it’s restricted to NYC for now. However, it appears the company is steadily growing and gaining new traffic daily, so there’s hope for us desperately undecided folks that perhaps one day we don’t ever have to make another decision on where to eat ever again.