The Tiny Designer is less of a startup and more of a philosophy. They believe that each of us has a tiny designer inside us; that everyone can be creative as long as they know how to contribute.

The founder, Jarrod Drysdale, wants to help designers work better with their clients. He believes most conflicts arise because the client doesn’t understand how design works and feels left out of the process. By teaching lay-people how to better understand the design process, and teaching designers how to better communicate with their clients, Drysdale hopes to create better relationships between these two worlds.

The “products” offered by The Tiny Designer are two series of 5-week email courses: one for designers, and one for non-designers. Drysdale is also writing a book on the same topic and sends out chapters of the book to his email subscribers. The courses are completely free.

The Good

All of the feedback from current customers is positive. So far, it seems like non-designers are the primary user-base, but the service is very new so that could change in the future. Since the courses are free, there’s no risk involved in trying them out.

The website has a unique, narrative design. You aren’t inundated with links or calls-to-action, and Drysdale seems to be genuinely interested in using his service to help people.

The Bad

Since The Tiny Designer is so new, it’s hard to evaluate the usefulness of its services. There doesn’t seem to be anything negative about them on the internet though, which is always a good sign.


The Tiny Designer seeks to bridge the gap between designers and non-designers, helping both groups to have better working relationships with each other. You have nothing to lose by trying out the free email courses, so it’s definitely worth giving them a shot!