RunKeeper is a physical activity monitoring application that uses your phone’s GPS and other sensors to measure its performance.

There is a lot of fun going to the gym and weight lift. But for those who enjoy running more than sweating between four walls, RunKeeper is the best option. This is the most utilized running app by millions all around the world.

RunKeeper – The Beginning

Founded by Jason Jacobs RunKeeper is the app that keeps you going. He found it extremely satisfying that all of his friends started to use this running app, and personally he enjoys exercising with it. He bikes, jogs, and hopes that one day will be able to do a triathlon. Oh, and being able to play hockey as well.

RunKeeper – Application for Running

Activity is really important for individuals who tend to spend a lot of time indoors or doing stuff that require no physical activity. RunKeeper is the running app that takes care of your health, while you achieve greatness.

It is an app for all individuals who have Android or iPhone. With this running app, you can easily turn your phone into a personal coach. Monitor your sports activities and have fun doing it. You can easily measure your heartbeat, history of activities, measure the progress, turn the activity into a route so you can do it later and a lot more. And, of course, you can share the results with your friends publically on Facebook and Twitter.

Features of This App

Whenever you forgot to turn the GPS on, you will get notified. Also, in case of a bad connection, you will receive an informational message. If you are in an overdrawn location the issue will be most likely be resolved without your interference.

There are some cases that the GPS usage will be unnecessary or unworkable. If you are running on a treadmill, for example, you can click the “+” button on the RunKeeper app and add the data manually. Also, this application integrates your activity data with more than 70 applications and services from third parties including Zeo, Garmin, Withings and a lot more, to gain a deeper understanding of your overall health.

Share the results with your friends easily and never stop running. Let this app become your best friend towards health.