Innovation teams constantly explore possibilities. This is also the case with SVRF – the first virtual reality Chrome extension

When the first 360 VR content became available, we all kind of wanted the possibility to see everything in the same concept. – Buildings, places, items, because it is easier to picture something that way. Well, thanks to the founders Sophia Dominguez and Brent Chow who created SVRF – the Chrome extension, now this is possible.

Starting this year, travelling, designing and just enjoying the assortment of photos and videos is all possible. So, ‘grab’ your extension and enjoy!

Let Me Introduce You to SVRF

SVRF is the fastest way to browse and discover the virtual reality on your phone. Do you want to travel, but you don’t have the time or funds? – Not to worry! With this extension, you can be anywhere you want and in 360 ˚. Cool, but not literal, okay?

What tricked this team to create the SVRF Chrome extension was the blank page of our screens or the latest searches. Instead, we can change the traditional look for spectacular 360 ˚.

In addition, you can also click the “check” button and find more information about the author of the artwork and likewise, you will have the possibility to discover new materials that you may have never found in a normal way.

SVRF – Miscellany of Photos/Videos

As I earlier indicated, the whole point is being able to look at VR/360 photos and videos. But, we all know that on the Internet you can see a lot of nasty and unpleasant content, so with the SVRF Chrome extension or the app, you will not have to deal with that.

For now, there are around 100,000 pieces of content and when it comes to 3D, the numbers are probably tripled. Perhaps they don’t match everyone’s interests, but hey, someone is doing something great for us!

‘Since everyone is the target audience we need to index more content’ – says Sophia.

‘We are currently adding more content and we search for websites that are hosting quality material and either integrate with APIs or do other custom made stuff, in order to obtain that content.’ – she adds.

Well, since the end of the year is coming real soon, we hope that their plans will become a reality soon. Other than that, keep the good work, I love it!