BeClothed brings new socks on the market. But, these are nothing like the regular we wear. SilverSocks are unique, and we tell you why.

Are you one of the people who constantly ask “how to get rid of the unpleasant odour of their feet? If yes, then BeClothed may have the answers. It’s not about a medicine or a homemade special bath. Instead, it’s socks. SilverSocks are the one solution you have been waiting for so long.

Is This The Real Life?

Well, yes it is. The British startup company BeClothed is behind the revolutionary design of SilverSocks. Raja Umar the CEO claims that these socks are not even similar to those we are used wearing. These new socks do not absorb sweat and keep the feet dry throughout the day. They incredibly eliminate odour since no bacteria is allowed to bother your feet.

You know when it is cold and your feet are sweaty… and after an hour you feel like these socks do not even keep you warm? Well, that’s right. You were not imagining. These socks are made of cheap material and are causing us all kind of discomfort. Here is the so known sweating, bad odour or simply constantly moving inside your shoes. In this design, the makers really thought about the whole ‘inside of shoe moving’. Thus, in the name of that, an elastic ring is added which acts as a belt.

It’s Not Magic… It’s Silver

First of all, since SilverSocks are made of silver, in between other quality materials, this means they keep our feet fresh throughout the day. In addition, they don’t allow collecting germs and what is it cool is that you don’t need to wash them after the first tryout.

Due to the antibacterial properties of pure silver and hypoallergenic silicone, the unisex socks are also to remain where they belong – being elastic. SilverSocks do not slip and are also optimal for sensitive feet. This is awesome if you constantly face this problem as I do. During running, nothing will move neither you’ll feel that nasty itchiness.

It may sound too good to be true, but these guys have worked too hard to bring us such a comfortable and unique product. Winter is here, so why not order a pair of cosy no-germ socks.