Google Daydream is the newest way to spend quality time and now you can do it in your bed. Awesome, right? – All thanks to Google.

Last year, Google made a lot of tech lovers happy by introducing the first version of Google Daydream. This year we have the second and much-improved version that allows Android and other Daydream compatible devices to connect and join a completely new virtual world.

To all movie enthusiasts, the colour of the device does not really matter. The whole point to the Google Daydream is to be able to enjoy it from your sofas. Because outside in public, you might look a bit ridiculous with the whole device attached to your head. Anyways, this device solves so many problems when it comes to watching videos or movies on our phones. From now on, we will not have to hold the device.

Relaxing With Google Is Easy

Yes, indeed. When in need of quality time, Google knows what you need. The Google Daydream device has a broader field of vision. There is a head strap for comfort and a slot controller to keep the whole device secure. Starting now, the only devices that are compatible are the Samsung Galaxy S8, the S8+, the Note 8, Moto Z and Moto Z2. I’m sure in the future others will be available as well, because there should not be any exceptions.

You Are Here For The Google Daydream Specifications?

Among the features of the Google Daydream device is the possibility for clearer and quality image. In addition, there are three colours available: Coral, Fog, and Charcoal that are supposed to adapt your style. The 2.0 version will be available later this year in the U.S, the U.K, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Korea. And that’s not it! You can watch your favourite shows, videos, and play games all in 3D.

Likewise, in collaboration with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Ubisoft etc. you would be able to enjoy different programs. The Google Daydream device does not come with a charger or headsets, so in case you are planning to try it, you will have to visit their store and acquire those.

In case if you were wondering if I had tried Google Daydream, the answer is no. I still envy those who have, though. I guess I will wait a few more months before I order the whole package and show it to my friends.