Spotify Capsule brings back the memories of your childhood. Warning: do not listen to your playlist, if you can’t control your emotions!

A few days ago Spotify introduced a new way to get back to your teenage years and see what was popular then. The Spotify Capsule can make you relive these moments again with a smile on your face or the worst case scenario – to make you cry and become depressed for the times before. Are you brave to find out your playlist?

Why Spotify, Just Why?

No one knows why Spotify makes us go over through some ancient minutes of our childhood, however, some of the reasons might be due to the way we live now. It’s not arguable that music was way better decades ago than it is now. Now we can take pleasure in some remakes of these songs, but let’s say it is not the same feeling.

Do you remember the first song that played on your first date? The songs you used to play during your breakups? That song that made you consume way too much alcohol than you could handle? For some reason Spotify Capsule wants you to go back to High School and experience it again. Those who did not have a great time inside these 4 walls may found themselves some other interesting theme that kept them going on.

Spotify Capsule Is the Time Machine We Needed

Maybe we cannot go back in time, but at least we have something! The Spotify Capsule is offering its finest guesses inning accordance with the year you were born and according to what you listen these days. Remarkably, it has guessed my songs, and yes, I have the old CD’s to prove it!

Okay, so not every of the 30 songs that the playlist suggested is what I used to listen, but it is good enough if it can ‘hit you in the heart’ with some notes. Oh and by the way, it is not available for people under the age of 14. 2017 is slowly fading away, and if you could not relate to any catchy song this year, besides ‘Despacito’, it is time to sing in for your playlist.

Don’t forget to share your playlist with us, and let us know which tune struck you the most.