No matter what you say, nothing is better than coffee in the morning and Leverpresso is something you need in your life! One of the best Espresso Coffee maker for home and picnic, in our opinion.

Best Espresso Coffee Maker For Home

If you are a coffee lover as I am, then today I have good news for you. The years of buying useless espresso machines are over because now, Leverpresso is the hardest rival to all. However, the tech team is still waiting for funds, and we have only time until November 10th to help them make our caffeine dreams come true and get ourselves the best espresso maker for the stunning price.

Leverpresso Review & Sneak a Peak

The entire concept of Leverpresso is quite simple. It is the real possibility to have coffee time with your friends without investing tons of money in drinks that you can make it by yourself. When was the last time you had a decent coffee throughout a picnic? – Probably a long time ago. Hence, the primary inspiration for this coffee apparatus is to be able to make coffee anytime and place you want. Thus making it one of the top home espresso machines.

To me, the most basic reason why I want this espresso coffee maker to happen is that I don’t have to spend extra time in the morning passing through ‘coffee to go’ shops and instead, in 3 minutes I can do it home.

No Electricity Coffee Maker

When I first saw the apparatus, I thought no way this is working without electricity. But as usual, I was wrong. You just need a cup of hot water, fresh granulated coffee and a bit of force. Leverpresso can stand 9 bars of pressure, so don’t get confused by its look. It’s simply the best espresso coffee maker for home.

How Coffee Is Made

With this best price espresso maker, making coffee is fun! All you need is a fresh cup of melted coffee, a cup of hot water and your hands. The flavour of the espresso or whoever coffee you prefer depends only on you.

Add more force in case you want the espresso to be stronger. Did you know that most of the coffee machines only have the capacity to make just one cup? Leverpresso can make two. This means either double energy or two separate cups.

The typical extraction of coffee is between 15 to 30 seconds. This depends on your preferences. If you want to lower the taste of bitterness in your coffee, lower the pressure at the end of the lever-pressing phase.

This portable and inexpensive espresso maker is available in a few colours and it could perfectly fit your office or home décor. It can be a good fit for home, picnics and even the co-working spaces. In the manual coffee makers category, first of its kind and truly the best espresso coffee maker for home.