Airbnb is a slightly better version than hotels, it’s unlikely but still, if you hear about it for the first time – you have found yourself a treasure. Invite your friends, open your home, become a host or get hosted.

I am surprised that to this day, that many people have not heard of Airbnb, which is the favourite travel hotel version of digital nomads or normal travel enthusiasts everywhere in the world. So, basically, instead of comparing prices to hotels (which can sometimes make you wonder when you will be able to enjoy like a famous star), you can have an apartment or a room all by yourself. Airbnb has helped me feel like being home, even when I was not!

Airbnb – Be Safe Without Paying A Lot

Hotels are great because of the service they provide, but let’s be honest – they can be quite expensive for just a few nights (Try searching for hotels near Times Square, New York). On the other hand, Airbnb offers a lot of homes and rooms based on the price range you choose.

Whetravellingng to the big cities, this might be your only option to save more money for exploring the city. You will have all kind of the amenities such as TV, Wifi, parking lot and basically everything you want. That’s why the ‘Search’ is for.

From personal experience, always go to places that you don’t share with others (in case you like privacy). Other than that, sharable homes can be a great opportunity to meet new people and to ask for directions.

Earn Travel Money With Airbnb

If you have extra space that you barely use, it might be a great idea to transform it into an Airbnb nest. Invite your friends to join. It can be quite beneficial for both of you, and you will get travel credits when a reservation is complete.

There is a new affiliate program for those who have websites. In case you get more than 1 million visitors regularly, you are qualified to become their partner. If you were looking for new ways to earn some travel money, this might be the best option without too many efforts.

How Airbnb Started?

As many of the ideas, this one started with a little budget as well. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia could not pay for rent, so they bought three air mattresses and served breakfast to people. The business did not flourish at first, but they kept going. With the help of their friend Nathan Blecharczyk, they created the website and went from door to door taking pictures of the rooms. In 2010 they raised $7.2 million dollars and even Ashton Kutcher helped them raise funds. Now Airbnb is a home symbol to millions of tourists each year.