PlayOn Cloud is a mobile app that allows you to download shows from platforms and watch them offline.

Before I discovered Netflix, I had to wait on days before the new “Grey’s Anatomy” episode was available. This was quite discouraging since I could see the spoilers all over.

Now, there are a new and better ways to watch your favourite shows offline. All this is thanks to the creators of PlayOn Cloud, Jim Holland, Tracy Burman and Skip Sullivan.

Starting today, you can watch any motion picture you want, wherever you want. If you prefer to skip movie theatres, this is also a great way of having a date with your crush.

Yes, You Can Watch Any Movie

I am certain you already got familiar with PlayOn Cloud and what it stands for. Now, when you don’t have a stable Internet connection, you don’t need your neighbours’ Wi-Fi password, because thanks to this application you could watch any show you desire.

PlayOn Cloud allows you to save the content and “see it later offline”. It is compatible with nearly every platform you are used to, such as Netflix, ABC, HBO, Amazon, Youtube and a lot more. In addition, the app is available for both Android and iOS systems.

The best part in all this is when you watch a downloaded video from PlayOn Cloud you have the possibility to avoid commercials. Maybe CD movies are dead, but if you pay $0.90 you can have any movie commercial free.

Sound economic and easy? – It indeed is.

Searching the Cloud

PlayOn Cloud is cloud-based streaming video recorder. When you select a video in the app, it begins to stream on a virtual PC in the cloud and record that stream as a DVR records cable television. When the whole process is done, you can download the mp4 version, and voila, you are ready to watch offline.

For me, the paid online versions work better because it is less expensive, but right now, to watch online you have to pay less than a dollar. In case you download more movies, you have the package discount. If you are going on a long trip, or somewhere without connection, this might be the perfect option for entertainment.

One, Two, Three or More

In case you have a PlayOn Cloud account, you are not entitled to just download movies on one device. You can download them anywhere, without paying any extras. The recordings will be always on your account unless you delete them.

Netflix now allows downloading movies online and watch offline. This leaves us guessing how long this cloud-based app will live.