Can you believe that some of the best concepts are found in a coffee shop or bar? Grammar Girl was napkin inspired as well.

English has plenty of rules and styles, which are constantly changing. There is no way you could ever remember all of them, no matter how long you have actually been studying the language. The dos and don’ts in English grammar are extremely challenging especially if you are studying the basics.

A lot of individuals struggle with pronunciation and punctuation marks. Even I do sometimes when I am not concentrated enough. But here is where I found this app Grammar Girl to be quite beneficial.

Become Grammar Enthusiast

Grammar Girl is basically a “walking English grammar”  for phones and tablets. Because grammar is an intimidating thing for most of the students but is essential in knowing the language perfectly, the creator of Grammar GirlMignon Fogarty has founded this whole grammar project that can help learners.

When kids struggle with the basics, it is important to find a new creative way to make them learn and remember. The same thing goes with math. Mignon has a quite an impressive YouTube Channel with a few minutes short explanatory videos about simple misplaced words.

Are you struggling with “Who” and “whom”? How many people do not know the difference between “Your” and “You’re”? New words appear on yearly basis, and as my English grammar professor always said “You can’t learn a language in a year or two. I have done it for 50 years, but I am still learning. “

The Path to Success

In an official interview for LinkedIn Mignon Fogarty has explained how the idea for this app was born.

“When I finished college, I still had difficulties with the grammar rules. This was a step back at work, but I also noticed that other colleagues and clients make the same mistakes.”

“The whole purpose of creating the first podcast was to help kids who don’t know the difference between nouns and verbs, and even professionals who still wanted to learn in a fun and creative way”

“I still have fun when I film the videos in my closet. The main reason why I do it is that I love to play with technology and because I want to help people. Not that I am one of those who goes to restaurants and correct menus.” – she added.