There is an easy way to track what users are doing on your website, and what they prefer to see. FullStory has all the answers.

When investing in a business, of course, you would want to see the results and the process of the campaign. In addition, you would also want to know if something has gone wrong with the website and try to relocate the errors. This way, the public will continue visiting you often. Until recently, there weren’t many free tools that gave you the full page-usage analytics. Now, you can dig deep into user interactions whenever you want, thanks to FullStory.

In these few reading minutes, meet the application that cares about your customers and catches all the data into one user-friendly platform. Stay tuned for more.

FullStory: Helps to Build Online Experience

FullStory is not a brand-new tool. In fact, it was launched back in 2014 by Scott Voigt, Bruce Johnson and Joel Webber. It is a tool that has the ability to track the interactions of the users. This includes their sessions and web applications. Likewise, it is efficient in detecting bugs. It immediately sends an alert where something went wrong, so it can be easily fixed.

FullStory Is a Dollarless Experience

For those people who enjoy having things for free (including me), this is the perfect application for your business. Of course, there is a paid version as well, but first, you can try it 14 days for free. During this process, you could evaluate if it is a tool worth paying for, or you should keep the dollars for something else.

Starting with this software is so easy, that a 4-year-old could do it. You only need to carefully read the instructions and 10 free minutes to start it up. The rest includes adding a snippet code of the wanted site so that FullStory could get access to all the events.

Support Friendly

Whenever you need help, FullStory allows combination into different support tools including Zendesk and much more. This would make things easier for everyone since it will facilitate global improvements. So far, the software application uses a function that the various tools of tracking and analytics of sites and web applications do not offer! Find the mistakes and easily fix them. Other than that, watch your business grow every day without having unsatisfied customers or users.