No doubt about it. Smartwatches are really a thing these days. The superb functionalities of a smartwatch makes life, well, easier. It makes connectivity a breeze – and that’s a must for our modern way of lives. But don’t you just miss looking at your wrist to see the actual ticking of the clock? I do. It kinda makes killing time more tolerable. Fun times, huh?

What if I tell you MyKronoz is bringing it all back pretty soon?

ZeTime from MyKronoz

MyKronoz just announced the upcoming launch of its newest smartwatch: ZeTime. ZeTime has functions that are quite similar to that of the average smartwatch. But that is where the comparisons end because this smartwatch actually has mechanical watch hands. Can you imagine a smartwatch with mechanical hands? The thing is, you don’t have to. This amazing find will be out in September. Yay!


So what does this smartwatch look like? Hmm, let’s see. According to MyKronoz, ZeTime is features a stainless steel watch case. Its watch faces are said to be interchangeable. The straps of the smartwatch, on the other hand, is made from silicon, genuine leather, and carbon fiber options. From afar, this smartwatch pretty much looks like an ordinary watch. Is that good or bad? I’d say it’s a great thing if you don’t want your smartwatch to catch too much attention.

ZeTime was designed with durability in mind, so naturally it came with waterproof features. Yep, you can keep it strapped on your wrist whether you’re swimming or trying out an array of water sports.

Battery Life

In this world where everyone is on-the-go, we need gadgets that won’t die on us when we need them most. The good news is that ZeTime has a battery life that lasts for up to three days. As for the watch itself, MyKronoz claims it will last for 30 days.

Operating System

Here we move on to the ZeTime operating system. So which operating system is this smartwatch compatible with? The good news is, it’s supported by both Android and iOS. A gentle pat in the back for the MyKronoz team for not keeping it locked to just one.

Other Key Features

The idea of having a smartwatch that has mechanical hands is interesting and all, but let’s face it. You are buying a smartwatch because of the cool features it’s supposed to have. So what does ZeTime have to offer in the features department? Check this out:

  • 22-inch 240 x 240 TFT display
  • Rotating crown
  • 3-axis accelerometer and heart rate monitor
  • 200mAh battery

Is it worth buying?

We’ve pretty much covered the basics where ZeTime is concerned. The question remains, though: Is the MyKronoz ZeTime worth your hard-earned cash? It’s hard to pass judgment without actually seeing it up close so let’s just leave it at this: We don’t have a strong sense of cheers or jeers for this one – it pretty much depends on whether you’re willing to shell out $199 for an average smartwatch that has mechanical hands.