Are you known as the tech guy/girl in your group of friends? Do you always have the latest tech? If so, perhaps you need FlickTek.

Times have gone so far, that new gadgets and software are coming out of nowhere. You never know if someone has invented something you actually need, so we are here to update you with the latest tech news.

FlickTek (as the word suggests) is a piece of technology that works with smartwatches. It is the most accurate gesture controller that works just perfectly fine, and today we tell you all the details.

What Do You Get In the Box?

Before I tell you about the price and where you can find it, let me introduce you to your next shopping deal. FlickTek is a unique technology that has precise sensing unit for wrist devices (usually smartwatches) which are capable of tracking human motion thanks to the sensor attached to the device. The biometric signals produced with bodily motion are translated into electrical signals. Once the algorithm processes these signals, the device does exactly what you wanted it to do.

If a few days ago, somebody told me that this device existed, I would have probably not believed it. Not because it is something impossible to do, but I mean to be able to give commands just by moving your fingers? FlickTek is definitely something I would consider buying and I would love to hear your opinions about it.

Who Keeps The Engine Running?

Alfredo Belfiori, Alessandro Allievi and Matteo De Cicco are the founders of FlickTek. But, their story does not end here. Likewise, they create other same cool gadgets that can be quite useful. But we will get to that some other time.

For now, we will get more on how this device works. If you have been focused enough by now, you know that your hand is going to be the remote control in this case. The clip is the device that will make sure your hand is transformed into one, and along with Bluetooth, you will start to give demands.

The sensors are deeply covered with silicone and when the sensors find biometrical signals, they operate. This does not require any previous warm-up and is not impacted by sweat or liquids.

Underneath these sensors are where the electronics are. And the device likewise possesses two options – ON and OFF. Thanks to the durable battery of the FlickTek, this is a really good investment if you enjoy the “Smart Era”.