All dogs want to play outside and run all day. If you don’t want to lose your fur buddy, you need Findster. Know where your dog is all the time.

Findster is a GPS tracker that detects the geological location of your puppy through a proprietary technology that reaches a connection range greater than the Bluetooth.

After losing his dog a couple of times, the professor Virgilio Bento came up with this idea. Most of the devices on the market seemed too expensive, so he decided to make his own device with a group of specialists. It was an idea that got many applauses by “dog parents”.

Why Findster is Different Than Other Devices

According to the creative company, the main differentiating element is the technology that allows the identification of GPS coordinates. The two modules that accompany the product, are one for the pet, and the other for the owner. Each of them is connected through proprietary RF technology. It is capable of establishing a bidirectional and long-distance communication, eliminating the need for a mobile phone service.

“Long distance communication is below 1 GHz and we use a frequency range that is available to everyone. What makes Findster different are the details of the communication is how we encrypt the data. Also how we design our antennas to make them more sensitive, “explains Professor Bento.

How Findster Works?

Findster works really easy. All of the information is transmitted between two modules, controlled by a single app. The range for communication is more than 1km. Anyways, the company claims the distance can be extended to 2km. if the optional base is added.

If the user is not home all the time, he or she can control the pet through this technology. If the neighbors use the same technology, they can expend the location range. The whole purpose of the project is Findster to become used in schools or playgrounds. It does not only work for puppies but kids as well.

The best part is, this GPS tracker is free and it does not require a monthly payment.