Pervasive SUB is a software that allows deaf people to enjoy watching TV without the intermediaries.  It is the future of enjoyment for deaf individuals. 

Pervasive SUB is a University Carlos III  software getting finances by Telefonica. It has achieved a great success in the tests and the reason is simple. Now, TV is more available to these people who can entertain themselves.

Pervasive SUB Features

Pervasive SUB collects all the subtitles from the television channels and sends them to a central server. Next, they sent the text to the smart gadgets and to the Braille line of the deaf person. All this, thanks to the application GoAll software. Also, it integrates with the software, and it is available with different Braille lines. Thus, it makes it possible to control the speed of the subtitles that are recorded straight from the television broadcast.

The Face Behind the Project

García Crespo – the leader behind the PervasiveSUB project stated that “one of the huge issues deaf-blind persons deal with is the little attention they get.  This is due to the fact they weren’t recognized by the European Parliament till 2004.”

Arancha Díaz-Lladó said “At Telefónica we endeavor to become a more accessible business adding equal opportunities for all. Although we still have a long way to go, the new inclusive innovations and the digital transformation are the best methods to help us.”

PervasiveSUB Testing

A group of deaf people who have attempted it, highlight the advantage of being able to access the info they formerly might not. All this, in genuine time and without intermediaries. They have also applauded its capability to send to Braille lines and the capability to adjust the reading and viewing speed.

Given the success of these tests, the technology is now available in all national DTT national channels. Also in  Madrid and shortly in the rest of autonomous communities.

The research team now puts this technology to the service of those who require it for free. Those interested simply download the “app” GoAll, available on iOS and Android.