Are you always late for work because you can’t find your keys? Now, there is a way to have them in instance thanks to TrakR.

Being always late for work or for a meeting with your friends is frustrating. Also, never knowing where your pets or keys are is double stressing. If you have dreamed of a magical way to summon your belongings, now this is possible thanks to the GPS tracking device named TrakR.

TrakR- The Beginning

Chris Herbert and Christian Johan Smith have made every person’s worst nightmares to disappear. Thanks to this GPS tracking device, you can always know where exactly your pet is and where is the last place you have put your wallet. And don’t say this is an easy job! They have patiently developed each part of the TrakR device, so you be at peace all the time.

It is really easy to use this GPS tracking device since it takes a bit more space than a credit card. Well, everything has its price, so a bit of space is all you have to pay for this one, same as a $29 bill.

How Does TrakR Work

This device works quite easily. Just install the TrakR app on your device, connect the app to your device and you are ready to go… To track the items easily have the tracker always attached. The entire process of doing it takes no more than 2 minutes.

These trackers work on everything. Your suitcase, wallet, phone, car keys, purse and anything you don’t want to lose. The TrakR GPS tracking device will detect where the item is in just a few seconds. Well, at least is faster and cheaper than going through papers for credit cards recovery.

Forget About Expensive GPS trackers

There is no reason why you need to secure yourself with additional devices. Also, there are no monthly payments. After all, the whole purpose for creating this device was to make many lives better.

Just when you forget where you have your car parked open the app and find it. All you have to do is tap on the “lost product” icon on the screen and the app will inform you where it is.

Stress no more! All you need is TrakR.