Do you wish to experience effective communication and online presentations in the easiest way? Eyeson is the solution!

Eyeson is an easy way to experience effective communication in meetings in a flexible way. In addition, you can register from your phone or tablet and be using the full potential of the interaction across a range of platforms and still benefit from this conversation app.

Eyeson – Close Look

Eyeson is an innovative conversation app that offers us a possibility to spontaneously make phone calls have planned video meetings and effective communication during webinars for hundreds of participants.

Technically Eyeson is one of the leading the video conferencing businesses. Not to mention, it has various patent registrations. Its core innovation is based upon a trademarked real-time communication server (WebRTC) with single stream technology (SST). The app Eyeson is really easy for use. All you need is your Social Media Account and you can start the first conversation!

The Original Eyeson Story

A team consisting of two hard workers had only one vision – to create a paradigm in the technology market. Founders Andreas Kröpfl and Michael Wolfgang who have previously founded VisoCon had a goal of establishing a secure, cloud-based video conferencing option offering features to promote team cooperation and effective communication.

Eyeson’s Hallmark

Eyeson for Slack offers a lot of features: chat, screen sharing, presentations, but the best part is it provides live streaming to Youtube as well. Webinars can be arranged straight within Slack, and participants can sign up with from their channel. The audience can enjoy live streaming on Youtube.

Unified Communication Platform

For spontaneous face-to-face communication or reliable online cooperation, all you need is the touch of a single button. Share ideas, emotions, provide a recommendation, be a host on an interview… Simply, pick a person or team you want and start the conference.

Likewise, throughout the meeting, you can share images or videos, incorporate files and present them as slides. Recording the whole big talk is possible as well. The chat works simultaneously to the video functions. And the best part is, you will not have to squander a single thought about the security and confidentiality of your data.