If you constantly forget to take your medicine, you need Pillsy. It is a reminder app which never fails to tell you when is time for your pills.

Forgetting to take your medication properly can be quite dangerous for your health. Individuals who are suffering from serious diseases should put more effort into remembering their “pill clock”. However, in case of constantly forgetting when or if you have taken your pills the best thing to do is to install the best reminder appPillsy.

Pillsy – The Reminder App

Pillsy is similar to having a personal assistant who manages your pills. The smart tablet bottle tracks your doses and automatically sends you suggestions when you forget to take it. In addition, you don’t have to push a lot of buttons here. Pillsy the reminder app will assist you to take more control of your health without stressing about it.

Pillsy was found by Jeffrey Le Brun. More than 50% of the patients have a hard time to remember if they have had the medicine. This inspired Jeffrey to create a reminder app that will change people’s lives. Thus, people can avoid extra costs for the consequences of improper treatment.

How Pillsy the Reminder Works

The PillsyCap uses Bluetooth to notice when the bottle is opened and closed and synchronizes with the app. It immediately tracks whether the individual is taking the medicine. Likewise, it works as a reminder when they forget a dose or cautions if multiple dosages are taken too early.

Pillsy syncs with a companion iOS/ Android app that pulls details about different drugs from an FDA base. It likewise uses chatbot to check why users did not take their medicine, in an effort to determine patterns and offer feedback to assist them to alter their behavior.

You can go into the name of a medication, the dose quantity, and exactly what time you want to take it every day. Then a reminder will appear in the kind of a text, call, or lock screen pointer.


Pillsy is the best way for caretakers to track patient’s medication. Rather of making a standard alarm, this reminder app will send alerts about a missing dose or an upcoming one. An essential thing is to keep the PillsyCap somewhere safe. Must have app for people managing the medications and timings of their elders/parents.