DeCluttr Me is a house and office organizing service that has clients from Dubai and all around the United Arab Emirates.

DeCluttr Me takes an effort to understand each customer’s requirements and wanted results before the start of any work. The values behind are really basic. Spending one day with a gifted professional organizer means less time wasted on headaches with your belongings and more time doing exactly what you enjoy.

This organizer is teamed up with different businesses which assist worldwide clients to organize their offices and homes. DeCluttr Me provides decluttering and also organizing services to those who need it throughout the UAE. Once the initial organization has been tackled, an innovative and simple system custom made for each client is introduced. This, in order to make organizing on a continuous basis easy and hassle free.

The Idea Behind

The founder Shelina Jokhiya says the whole idea behind this organizer is to free people from these duties and to provide them an organized life and working space.

The whole purpose of DeCluttr Me is to transform your home and office environment. If you work in an office, you know how important the first impression is.

Office Clean Up

When clients visit you, it is important that your whole working space is clean, tidy and well-organized. This organizer offers a wide range of services tailored to the business. This includes a file and paper management, digital organizing, employee training, desk policies and personal as well as social media organizing and assistance with moving offices. Basically, you sit and do nothing and these guys will take for your property.

Home Clean Up

If you invite this organizer at home, it will help you get rid of the junk lying around. They can put the place in order and install proper systems. Your whole family will be able to locate stuff easily. Also, DeClutter Me will go through your wardrobe and organize it. Paper management and moving or relocation of things are also possible.

If you happen to be a workaholic with less time for home or office duties, then definitely it is time to schedule your free 20-minute appointment with DeCluttr Me.