Do you always feel disorganized? Do you forget assignments too often? Trello is here to guide you. How to use Trello? – Read more.

To make our tasks and lives easier, Joel Spolsky has created the Trello app, which will save you time and nerves. Here is a guide that will explain you everything about this app and why has it become a favorite among entrepreneurs.

What is Trello

Trello is a task manager and one of The Best Useful Applications Every Business Should Have. It allows working collaboratively by using boards composed of columns (called lists). It is based on the Kanban method for project management, with cards that travel for different lists based on their status. Thus, you can have a list of things to do, pending, in the process or finished.

What is Trello for

The app lets you see what the members of a project are working on when they have started and different parts of the process in each one. Recently it has been upgraded with Google Drive and Dropbox. Now we can easily put files that we have hosted in the cloud.

Who is the Trello app for

The app is useful for the development of own or group projects. It can be used to organize the tasks of the working groups and the coordinating team. It can also be used to organize the development of a single project.

How to use Trello

To easily understand Trello, imagine that it is a table with task lists. In each, there is a set of tasks. These tasks can be, among many:

  • A new feature
  • An error to correct
  • The history of a potential client
  • Prepare a real contract
  • Talk to a client
  • Investigate for an article
  • A customer service problem
  • A project activity

Thus, Trello can discharge any task that needs to be processed. The dynamics of the board is to advance the cards through lists of progression (to do, to process and finalized). Trello organizes boards. Each board is distributed in lists. Each card represents the basic unit of a list. The order from left to right would be Idea, Document type, Design, Development, Implementation, Deployed. See the tutorial.

How are Boards Used?

At the top left the title of the board appears (in this case, the name is “group”). On the right side, the team members appear and below, the notifications. Below the title of the chalkboard and on the left side of the Trello app, the task lists appear. As you can see, the broadcast group was organized in the following tasks:

  • Planned/Assigned tasks
  • Assignment in process
  • Tasks under reviews by the Broadcasting group/Coordinating team
  • Sent to publish
  • Published resources/Disseminated or in maintenance

Board Options

A Trello board has three types of visibility:

  • Members: It will only be visible to the people invited to the board.
  • Organization: It will be visible to all members of an organization, which you defined previously. Only board members can make changes.
  • Public: It will be visible to everyone through a link. Only board members can make changes.

Basic Options

Within each task, you can write activities and you can see who is affected by the task. There are a few options available here: to assign a due date, email reminder, attach files from your computer, can drag and drop directly from your drive, move cards from one board to another, and subscribe and follow.

100% Secure

The Trello app is aimed for people who work remotely. Therefore Trello is completely multi-device being accessible through iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, and watches. It also works on the web and with any screen size, although if we have a board with many columns is preferable a large format screen be able to see them all at a glance.

The activities which are performed in any of those devices are automatically synchronized in the way other terminals where we are signed in. Thus, the evolution of the project is always visible and always updated for all team members.

Final facts

All data stored in Trello is private and secure. In that sense, board managers have absolute control over who can see the info. The data is sent through a secure SSL/HTTPS connection, using the same encryption technology the banks use. Additionally, they store encrypted backups and an extra location of the data in the event of natural disaster. Now that you learned what is Trello and how to use Trello, you are ready to start.