Gone were the days when joining rock bands was synonymous to being cool. In today’s contemporary setting, the best way to make it to the cover of popular magazines is to own a startup – and to establish that startup as a reputable name in the niche you have chosen. But how, exactly, can you put your startup out there, with all the other businesses that have attained – and remained – at par with modern standards?

If there’s anything that startups across the world have in common, it is that they are always abuzz with activities. There is always so much to do. Can you skip these and get right down to the business of being a well-known startup owner? Unfortunately, you can’t. What you can do, though, is to promote efficiency within your organization.

Go for productivity apps

Having your own startup can be overwhelming. There are collaterals to approve, sales strategies to implement, and so the list goes on. Even with the best of luck, your chances of not missing anything in your to-do list is very slim. But if you can clearly delegate tasks and track their progress, you’ll be okay. So how about giving productivity tools a try? There are tons of software you can use to your advantage, some of those that are worth mentioning are Trello, MeisterTask and Basecamp.

Trello is great for creating boards to ease task delegation, MeisterTask is your go-to tool for creating projects with the use of mind maps. As for Basecamp, it’s basically a project management software that helps you keep an eye on things. Choose well! *wink

Hire the right people

You are a startup owner, you are not some superhero who can freeze time until each and every business activity under your wing is impeccable. That said, you need a reliable, hardworking staff who can pull of excellent work in the agreed turnaround time. You can do that by setting your standards high when hiring. In need of a good bean counter? Hire an experienced accountant, someone who has their way with books. Don’t let your startup be a training ground for the inexperienced. Really.

Create your own process

One of the best things about establishing a startup is that you get to have a clean slate. Everything is new and processes are relatively non-existent. However, if you do not work on streamlining these processes, your staff will end up frustrated and confused, and productivity will be compromised. This is why you need to create your own internal process. How do you do that? Easy. Take a look at what other organizations are doing and mimic those that you can think will be good for your own startup. Don’t forget to put your own company culture at the core of the process you are creating to make sure you’re hitting the nail in the head. Wham!

Invest in software

What do you do with tasks that are repetitive but are quite prone to data entry errors? You probably want to scratch them off your list, but there’s no such luck in startupville. You have to get these tasks done – and the best way to do that is to automate them. Splurge on specialized work optimization tools that can speed up your work without driving you right up to the great wall of mediocrity. Check out cloud accounting tools to speed up your business accounting tasks, invoicing systems for a more efficient way to get paid, and inventory management software for a smoother flow of your inventory. You know the drill. Once you’re all set, zero in on maximum efficiency by training your staff to use these systems.

Whatever you do, do not forget about efficiency – you can’t afford to miss out on this one. The success of your startup depends largely on your level of efficiency. Regardless of your well-written business plan and your diligent staff, lack of efficiency can strain your business performance. Improve your startup’s efficiency and up your game in no time.