The Giroptic camera is a French start up device. It can record content in 360° which later can be reproduced in a virtual reality device.

Do you take your GoPro wherever you go? From now on, you will definitely have the urges to get a Giroptic camera. Why? – Because thanks to the founder Richard Ollier you can have the best camera for photos and videos in 360°.

Features and Specifications of Giroptic

The 360° Giroptic camera stands out for its three cameras with lens “fish eye” to 185 °. Additionally, in total it can capture images and videos in 360 °. The recorded content can be viewed on virtual reality glasses, computers, and even smartphones. Also, it is controllable through an application, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

This best camera Giroptic was made by using a magnesium and rubber alloy, making it waterproof with IPX 8 level certificate. It has a color LED display and records in a 2K format at 30 fps and 4K at 360° x 300 ° images in the field of total vision.

After raising four million worth of investors, and a million as a result of a Kickstarter campaign, the Giroptic team put into action their idea since 2014- to design a camera that could do 360 degrees recording, compatible with any model of glasses without a need of any kind of program or extra procedure.

How and where to use it

The Giroptic 360° camera can function as a surveillance camera in your home or workplace. This is the best camera and can be a smart way to record all your important meetings, travel, family gatherings and sports meetings.

The camera can capture 4k photos up to three shots per second and record videos from 2k to 30fps. However, its creator Ollier admits that the Giroptic 360cam camera cannot compete with professional 360 cameras like Nikon or GoPro.

The camera is light and portable. It needs an external charging and iPhone chargers do not work. Instead, the camera has its own charger and on top of that, the battery has a rather small capacity of 800mAh. The battery will last around one hour.