With remote working being more dispersed, people quit their jobs and feed the desire for wanderlust. The Nomad List has the info a digital nomad needs.

Quitting your job is a big step and not many people have the guts to do it! However, they constantly complain about the working conditions, not enough days off and so on… When I initially got familiar with remote working, I was delighted that this would be the only opportunity for me to quit my job and travel wherever I want. Plus, doing my job from somewhere tropical. That is a dream to almost every person, however, not enough follow their dreams. The Nomad List is committed to those who do want to work remotely, meet cultures and places, and yet to keep it professional.

Nomad List – The Ultimate Guide

I am sure that you have spent a lot of time finding the best version of a product whether it was about a computer, drone, backpack or sunglasses. No matter the occasion, you want an exquisite quality and a reasonable price. The Nomad List is precisely this – quality and not quantity!

Digital Nomads invest most of their loan on a quality knapsack – since let’s face it, it’s their entire life. Similarly, a great tripod never hurts when it pertains to taking quality pictures (in case going solo or when none of your buddies wants to be neglected of the picture).

Meet People & Work Together

The Nomad List is not only for inspecting the coolest items. In addition, you can also see the most adaptive cities according to the number of remote working individuals residing in it. Whenever you feel isolated in front of your laptop, you can visit any of these cafes and join the online community.

Another additional feature I love is the possibility to see the monthly costs in each country or city of desire, the internet speed, whether it is safe for travelling as a woman or how much a cup of quality coffee costs. To those who are friendly and wish to interact with strangers, this would be a fun way to spend your working days.

Pieter Levels is the creator of this awesome way to prepare yourself for work and travel. Since he is a serial maker, we wish him a good luck for the future… Until then, we will stay hooked to the Nomad List.