The future is here, and it brings many hallmarks. The LunaR featureful smartwatch creates a sensation that we’re years ahead of the technological age.

The LunaR solar-powered smartwatch presents a real breakthrough solar technology. The team has shown real effort in building and optimizing the product. Endless testing, redesigning and cultivating until reaching the goal.

Of course, Gavin Brown, The Chief Designer was a huge influence. He was responsible for the ethics design and optimization of the lunar solar-powered smartwatch. Last but not least, Gavin knew all along, ‘the sky is the limit’, or even farther if that is the goal.

How Does LunaR Work

Yes, we know it’s confusing. LunaR ties to the moon, yet it’s actually powered by solar. Although there is a certain way to charge the battery using cable, among many features, it’s primary one is to power it by its solar panel. Therefore, as long as there’s light around, the device should be up and running. Don’t worry, this means you can power it by artificial lighting as well as solar.  

Another great thing about this solar-powered watch is that it comes in elegant shape. Accordingly, it’s not only great for those who are looking for advanced technology and futuristic stuff. But, it’s also eye-catching for the classic lover. Because not only does it offer a handful of excellent features, but it actually looks marvellous.

Have we caught your attention yet? Would you use this timeless device at all? Well, let’s see…

LunaR – The First Ever Solar-Powered Watch Features

A smartphone app comes along with this solar-powered watch. Together, they offer numerous features, for instance:

  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Connects with Messaging Apps and Social Media
  • Notifications Installed on a LED
  • Activity Tracking
  • Multiple Timezones
  • Waterproof
  • Auto-Update Time– When activating the Phone’s GPS
  • Sunset/ Sunrise Tracking

LunaR was designed to magnify people who travel and engage in outdoor activities. It also makes it easier when you go around doing your daily encounters, without having to suffer from a low-battery, dying device.

In addition, the solar-powered smartwatch also comes with a traditional USB charger.

To date, The LunaR watch crowdfunding has, to be precise, 1194 backers.