There is an easy way to donate money and help without even spending any. It’s Hopely. The question is – ‘Are we going to donate’? We definitely should.

Recently a new search engine became publicly available. The services it offers are same as every other engine, but the purpose is definitely unique. Hopefully, this article would get to a lot of people who will share the same thrill as mine, to change lives in a positive way. Hopely is built with one goal – to hopefully put smiles on people’s faces.

Hopely – How to Make Others Happy

The search engine creators of Hopely care about poverty. In addition, they offer medical care, food supplies and all necessities for improving the life quality of many ‘endangered individuals’. Those in need are plenitude in comparison to the ones that can truly give amenities. Thus, half of the collected money from the Ads on the search engine go for charity purposes.  Need I say how lucky I feel to have started to contribute to the whole project?

The best part is even those who always feel like they don’t do enough for the people in need will now be able to do a lot more. This, without spending too much of their budgets. Hopely is perfect for individuals who constantly donate for animals and human care as well. Since it is painless and free to do it, why don’t we all just change our browsers and completely change lives to better? If you have not donated by far since your situation was not giving you to, now you can do it. Feel proud of yourself and sleep better at night knowing that tomorrow someone else is going to feel the changes because of you.

Born Alone, Rising With Help

Hopely is a brainchild of young entrepreneurs and it is operated by Traffic Hunter GmbH founded by Bastian Brinken-Kuper and Frederic Fox. The entrepreneurs never had enough time to do charity work, or never had enough funds to make this idea sustainable.

Use this team’s skills and knowledge and search the things you want, knowing that you contribute to a great project. With your donations, you can make the world a better place. The funds you and everyone else provide are carefully meant to reach the place of need. Although the users slowly increase, I hope that today, by reading this article, you will at least try it. Bookmark in your browsers: