How often do you feel comfortable when travelling by bus? Busbud offers great deals, comfort and online reservations wherever you want.

Are you a thrill seeker? If yes, then become familiar with Busbud – an online agency that shares the same adrenaline rush for travel as yours. Meet people, find your favourite routes and the most affordable prices with only a few mouse clicks. No more feeling like riding a roller coaster while comparing bus travel prices!

Meet Busbud

Busbud is basically what every traveller needs. In a group conversation with my travel friends from around the world, I discovered that most of them are not familiar with this bus travel company that offers transport almost everywhere in the world. This is why today, I present you a way to save and travel more often.

Busbud – Arrive Right on Time

If you enjoy travelling, but you always pay more than you want to, there is an easy access for you to reserve a seat online and reach your travel destination. On the plus side with Busbud you will have space to feel comfortable, have Wi-Fi connection and basically everything a person on a road needs.

Busbud believes in a world where every person can fulfill their travel needs. Whether is about going home, visiting a friend or exploring a totally new place. They use economical and sustainable mode of motorized transportation, so they serve to more communities. The whole goal for the company is probably to become No.1 at what they do best – serve people and increase the awareness of how eco-friendly taking bus trips can be.

The ‘Aha Moment’ for Busbud

LP Maurice (the founder of the app) was backpacking and while waiting on a bus station, realized how easy it is to book a flight or a hotel room, but it was nearly impossible to book a bus ticket.

So, after he returned from the trip, he consulted with two close friends who developed the app. Although they were not familiar with the bus industry, somehow managed to create a successful app available to everybody around the world. Now, even when last minute reservations know to be the wallet destroyer, you have a chance to book a great deal no matter if you are ready to go somewhere the next morning!

Travel with the best bus company that offers great deals for you to achieve your dreams.