In a world obsessed with technology and having our phones in our hands 25/8, it’s no wonder developers and startups are hungry to grab some of our coveted attention. In a world where a host of mobile and computer games are released daily, it might be hard to trudge through every single released to find that sweet, addicting one you’ll lose friendships over (flappy bird or candy crush, anyone?) If you’re a fan on mobile and digital gaming but simply don’t have enough hours in the day to play every new release, have no fear – below are three new independent games from startups that are worth your precious shiny smartphone time:

Bolo Bird



Similar to the massively-addictive Flappy Bird, Bolo Bird is simple: fly as high as you can while avoiding the other birds flying in your way. Players tap their screen to fly and navigate their tiny bird player up and up until you inevitably run into one of the giant flapping birds. Sound familiar? It looks and feels like Flappy Bird, except it’s a vertical climb up instead of a horizontal journey through pipes. And that’s about the only difference, but Bolo Bird oddly satisfying in a completely new way. Says developer Matoo:  “Bolo Bird is more than dodge and jump like other similar games. Its funny interactivity and surprising depth make it absolutely unique. Just give Bolo Bird a chance to fly, you may find a brand new great jump game.” The game is now available in the iTunes App Store for a free download.




Blitz Breaker



Blitz Breaker is another game that might seem like something you might have already played, but with one major difference: in Blitz Breaker, players can’t run, only jump. Simple yet satisfying, the objective of Blitz Breaker is to navigate through challenges to reach a portal at the end of each stage. Once a player jumps, they can then perform an air dash in any direction; this motion helps complete the complicated puzzles required of each level. In addition to unique puzzle play, many levels contain secret warps and cool collectibles to keep fans entertained. Blitz Breaker is available on Steam as a PC and Android download for $2.99, and you’ll be tempted to download it on your work computer and play with the simple keyboard controls while your boss thinks you’re totally focused. Says one new superfan ddomasi: “I love the twist that you can only jump. It also helps that the pixel art in this is great! Excellent!”



Layers of Fear



Horror games are all the rage these days. With advancement in technology, indie developers have been revving up how gruesome and terrifying their gameplay can truly be. Layers of Fear is one of the newest additions to this genre, but it’s not one to be missed. The player is a disturbed painter who has a creative block while trying to finish his masterpiece, and starts seeing ghosts and spirits everywhere while slowly descending into madness. This creeping “the room is alive” feeling is what makes this game stand out. Inventive in concept and beautifully crafted, Layers of Fear is an eerie game that will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Polish indie developers The Bloober Team are behind this psychedelic game, now available on Steam for $20, if you’re feeling up for a scare.