When insurance is too expensive, you have to think of another way of protection. Point is the foremost solution.

When you don’t have hundreds of dollars for investment in insurance, but you still want to protect your home from flood, fire, and theft, there is a new and better way. Traditional cameras or smoke detectors can really be style killers, specifically if you have invested too much time decorating the space. Well, if you indeed have kids as well, then you want them to be secure at any time. Point is the ideal way to do all this and the best part – it’s only one device with a modern design.

Point Let’s You Sleep Peacefully

Perhaps you live in a safe neighborhood where you see neighbors as friends or even family. Maybe you have chosen a quite good area for living. But, what if you don’t live in so secure street and you fear that one day your place will be the target for burglars? Minut is taking care of that with their not-so-new product called Point.

Minut is a company that specializes in helping people by finding solutions according to their needs, and of course a catchy piece of technology that is a life saver.

It is founded by Fredrik Ahlberg, Nils Mattisson, Martin Lööf and Marcus Ljungblad who thanks to their hard work and the flawless team have created this product that will take thorough care of your home.

How the Device Operates?

You know that the old-fashioned cameras require additional screen so you can see exactly what is going on outside your house. This device is made to be adaptable in every home or environment, but yet to be functional.

It functions with Wifi and keeps things really simple for you. When you are at work, or outside your house and something suspicious happens according to Point, you will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone.

This device is really powerful when it comes to detecting motion, air changes and sounds. If you forgot to turn off the radio or oven, it will detect it and you will immediately know of. It is quite good, especially if you sometimes feel like you don’t know what you are doing around the house.

The price for this device is really a lot less than what you would have to pay for full monitoring equipment around the house. Plus, if you purchase more than one, you can get a great discount.

Keep it safe with Point.