Mathster is the perfect booster for all “geeks” and “not-so-geek” needs. It has simple and basic math workouts for kids, adults, and youngsters.

Mathster is the ideal way to spend your days exercising your mind. It will help you test your memory, skills, and speed in racing against time. This math solver app will help you improve your cognitive abilities and make your brain sharper. If you are looking for simple way to give your brain a complete workout – try Mathster the math solver app.

This math solver app will make sure you properly test your mind and make it sharper. It is a great way to boost your focus and skills before a math test. This is perfect for students in need of tutors.

Mathster Close Look

“Mathster is a math solving app that lets you keep a track of your progress with the help of charts” says Richard Noble – the founder of this game. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide fast, and as you proceed the game will level up.

In case you mess something up, this math problem solver returns you back to the beginning point. Principles of cognitive psychology are the basis for games like Mathster. These improve various cognitive abilities like memory, speed, attention, concentration, logic and more.

How Mathster Improves Skills?

As previously discussed, this app has different levels for passing. Here is where most of the users enjoy. Learning and levelling up has never been more fun, this in case you like math. Kids who play with this math problem solver can learn multiplication, geometry, algebra, problem-solving and a lot more! It definitely provides the full brain workout.

Question Bank

Mathster can never become boring since there are more than 8,000 questions ready to be answered. You get each question randomly, but they are never doubling. Also, the numbers and solutions will be different, so, no cheating…

Mark Book

On top of everything, what will motivate you to solve more and more problems are the results. Mathster makes sure you get the proper accreditation for your skills.

How to Get Mathster?

It is really easy to get access to this math solver. Simply download this app, and you can start checking your math skills. It likewise works on any browser or a device.