We all know how quality food differ from low-quality ones. Farmstead provides door-to-door delivery of fresh groceries.

How often do you buy things from a supermarket, and then they turn out to be disappointing? With so many people striving for living a healthy life with great food and fresh groceries, the founders of Farmstead had only one mission – to provide people with quality and organic food right on their doorsteps.

And not only that. Instead of throwing the emballage, they recycle it and re-use it obviously. With this, people will save more and the planet will benefit as well.

Farmstead – Say No to Supermarkets

Can something be more depressing than going in supermarkets after work, and getting stuck in a parking lot? The whole purpose of Farmstead is for you to be able to enjoy your spare time with your friends and family and to be able to get fresh food every day right in front of your door.

And that’s not it. There are no hidden costs or paying high rates for a Farmstead delivery. Only $3.99 on every delivery, and in case you are a regular customer, you get your delivery for free. There are no minimum or maximum costs per order, so order how much you think it is necessary. They can come back the next day and bring some more fresh groceries!

For now, you can only order from the main website. However, the app is soon going to be launched and will make our lives easier. No more markets, crowded line or circling around the market to find a parking lot.

How Farmstead Operates

First of all, let’s thank Pradeep Elankumaran and Kevin Li for their creative idea and effort to make this possible. After all, they are former Yahoo employees who gave up their jobs to improve our lives.

Pradeep was the one who got the idea for Farmstead after finding himself looking for organic milk a few times in the week. After consulting with his friends on the social media, he was surprised to find how many people would enjoy home delivery of fresh groceries.

For now, they are focused on the Bay Area, but they will definitely expand the brand further. Grab the chance to enjoy carefully chosen items for you and your loved ones and learn how to cook fresh.