Laptops are getting slimmer and smaller, so why shouldn’t their chargers do the same? Imagine you’ve got a sleek, sexy, slim laptop, and then this big charger that you have to lug around with you. If you could have a small charger that you could easily carry around with you, you wouldn’t have to worry about the heavy, ugly brick-like chargers anymore! Finsix has solved this problem with Dart, the “world’s smallest and lightest laptop charger” for USB Type-C laptops.


The Dart charger really is small enough to be actually called the world’s smallest charger. It can be easily mistaken for a portable power bank or a USB charger. It is just 2.75 inches long, 1.1 inches wide, and weighs just 0.18lb. This makes it less than 1/4th the size of the regular 65W laptop adapters. The charger may be small and cute, but it definitely works. Let’s take a look at its features.


  • Most of the chargers provide a power output of 65W and Dart matches up with a 65W power supply.
  • It is small, powerful, and safe. It has overheating, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection, so the users are well covered for. It also has 100-240VAC support, which means that it is perfect for travellers to use since Dart can work anywhere in the world.
  • The AC plug is integrated with the charger, and it has a straight, narrow rod, so it doesn’t cover up the entire power socket, and you can plug something else besides it. Its small, narrow size means it will fit in pretty tight spaces. Makes it easy to carry around and to charge in small spaces.
  • So we know it’s supposed to have propriety charge cable, but Finsix included this six-foot cable for a reason. It has a packet of nice universal tips, which connect to this cable so that it is compatible with a wide range of laptops.
  • Dart claims a 90% power conversion efficiency rate.
  • Dart is not just for charging your laptop. It has a Built-in rapid-charge, 2.1A USB port, so that you can charge all of your USB devices with it, such as phones, tablets and your even your GoPro!
  • In the box you will find the Dart charger, the user guide, a microfiber travel pouch, safety notice, the 6 feet cable with the 2.1A USB port, and the 9 power tips.

Small but pricey

At $99.99 (so $100), Dart is actually quite expensive. If you need to take your laptop with you everywhere, or if you travel a lot, then Dart could definitely make your life much easier. As amazing as it is, it is also not compatible with Microsoft Surface, which would be a problem for many users. Unfortunately, there are no cheaper alternatives out there. There is a similar, small and light laptop/phone charger by Zolt, but that also costs $99.

A must buy for frequent travellers

The simple fact is, the usual laptop chargers do weigh quite a bit, and it can add up in your luggage weight when you’re flying. With Dart you save space and weight in your luggage. And with no other alternatives, this is the best option so far.