Our houses are not the safest place. Experts say that the air can be even more polluted than outside. So, having an air purifier at home can be essential.

To fight against pollutants, the invisible enemy, it is essential to have an air purifier. Having an air purifier at home can improve the quality of the environment at home, therefore, significantly making your day and life better in general.

What Pollutants Exist In Our Homes?

Our homes in modern times are built to avoid heat loss in winter and keep excess heat away from entering in the summer. This saving of the means that the house cannot breathe and opening windows for a while is not a definitive solution to get rid of toxins.

The number of polluting sources that can be found in a house and that affect our health is striking. Especially for people with allergies. For example, the pollen of the trees, the flowers, and the grass, which can enter the house through our windows or into the clothes themselves.

We must also pay special attention to tobacco smoke. It is one of the smallest allergens. Mold grows in places where the environment is hotter and more humid, like the shower or in the kitchen. One of the most frequent pollutants is dust and the constant cleaning of the house does not permanently deal with it.

Another factor that produces many allergies and that contributes to poor air quality in our homes are pets. On the one hand, animal dander can remain in a home long after the pet has left.

In addition, special care must be put into action with cleaning products or disinfectants which can be very dangerous for our health. The World Health Organization classified formaldehyde, a chemical very present in this type of agent, as a carcinogen.

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How Does The Air Purifier At Home Work?

Having an air purifier at home can help reduce the concentration of air pollution and, in some cases, exposure to allergies. They are able to clean between 99% and 99.97% of the contaminated air in a room. Without a doubt, having an air purifier at home is a good choice to improve the quality of life.

But how exactly does it work? The air purifiers work as a system of several levels of filtering that, through a slow, yet efficient process, clean the environment you are living in. The device attracts dirty air thanks to its fan through the inlet grid and the prefilter traps the larger particles.

Afterwards, the air passes through a carbon filter to reduce the odours. Then, the air goes through a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). These devices can trap 0.3-micron particles, such as tobacco smoke and metal gases.

Some purifiers have an ionizing filter that contributes to a more thorough cleaning of the environment. In this case, the purifier emits negatively charged ions so that, through chemical bonds, they join positive particles.

To finish the process, the purifier disperses filtered and clean air through the room thanks to its fan.

The Advantages of Having An Air Purifier At Home

As you can see, an air purifier is the best tool you can have to keep your environment clean. Its filtering system traps thousands of suspended particles that can potentially be very harmful to our organism like a spider’s.

Healthier Environment

Poor air quality indoors is a real problem and the purifiers are a great help to fight against it. The environment of a house can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside.

According to the World Health Organization, 3.8 million people die prematurely every year due to exposure to contaminated indoor air. More than 50% of deaths from pneumonia in children under 5 years of age are caused by particles from toxic air inhaled indoors.

Positive Influence on Allergies

There are many people allergic to pollen, and I am one of them. Pollen is an allergen that we put into the house either through the open windows, or because it stays attached to the clothes is difficult to remove. In fact, once inside, the only way to combat it is through the technology of air purifiers.

HEPA filters, high-performance filters, filter the vast majority of small particles, such as pollen.

Support You In Cleaning Your House

Keeping the house free of polluting agents is not just a general cleaning. There are always particles in suspension that can come in contact with our body.

The work of an air purifier at home is a reinforcement to domestic tasks. This is thanks to its constant filtering of the environment. We could say that a device of this calibre acts like a robot that cleans the house on a daily basis. Its action is even more effective if the home has insufficient ventilation, where the air is of poor quality.

Remove Odors

In smokers’ houses, smoke particles remain suspended in the environment and then turns into dust. As we have seen, the purifiers are great tools to improve the quality of the air and prevent this dirt from harming our health.

In addition, they can also help us fight against the annoying stench derived from tobacco or cooking. Some purifiers incorporate active carbon filters that are ideal to eliminate these odours.

Remove Molds

In a house, there are especially complicated rooms in terms of the presence of polluting sources. Places such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms are at risk of harbouring mould particles that are very harmful to people with high allergic sensitivity.

The air purifiers that have HEPA type filters are able to trap these particles, present especially in the most humid areas of the home, which have a size between 5 and 10 microns.