A Montreal-based start-up is pitching “quick-fit” earbuds that mold to your ears in simply 60 seconds. Revols is the new future, and here is why.

There are a variety of headphones on the market that offer different designs, sizes, sound qualities and features. But if there is something that we look for in headphones, it is that they adapt as best as possible to our ears. Also, they need to guarantee a good support, and quality sound in accordance with our requirements.

In addition, nowadays we are usually looking for wireless earphones. These need to have wireless technology and to allow us to use them in a convenient and wireless way. Taking into account each and every one of these premises is how the creators of Revels have developed these innovative custom made earphones. Prior to being wireless, they offer a great quality of sound. But what is even more important, they are able to adapt perfectly to the ears of each user. All this, thanks to a specially formulated nanocomposite and designed to offer ergonomics and perfect fit.

Revols are Easy to be Made

A very few music lovers will be fortunate and adequate to own some best fit off the shelf earphones. For the rest of us, the fallout is a frustratingly regular problem. If you have got some great deals of time and patience, and rather a big budget plan, you could take a trip to an audiologist, get your ears scanned. Afterwards, think about ordering a set of in-ear phones, formed to specifically fit your ear canals.

A start up company led by Daniel Blumer and Navi Cohen states that this is an easy and less expensive method to get the desired earbuds. You simply stuck a Revols earpiece in each ear, wiggle it about and press it around until it feels snug. Then hit “begin” on a companion app working on Bluetooth. After a minute, you have got yourself some custom-fit earphones.

How are the Revols Earphones?

The Revols custom made earphones have been created to match active users as well as music-loving commuters. It has a little coin sized plastic body, with a brushed metal badge to the outer edge and a gel filled molding pointer to the other. They likewise feature app working on Bluetooth and a minute later, you have got yourself some custom-fit earphones.

The perfect fit for your ear

With these Revols headphones, which are a Kickstarter’s founding project, users will find their perfect companion in the office, the train or while practicing their favorite sport with perfect support and great comfort. Revols adapt to users’ ears just by pressing the start button of your application from our mobile. In about 60 seconds it will cause your compound to go molding to the shape of your ear. They will obtain a perfect support, and will never fall nor produce any type of pain. When they have been molded correctly, this compound will harden. From that moment the headphones maintain the correct shape and thus provide a perfect fit always.

Battery life

As the development of these headphones has been in partnership with Onkyo, the Japanese Additionally, the development of these headphones has been in partnership with Onkyo. The Japanese corporation with more than 70 years of experience in high-end audio technology, promises to provide great audio quality.

The Revols headset has an autonomy of 8 hours. In case its users still feel that they will have to use them for longer, for example when we make long trips abroad, Revols offers an additional battery pack to lengthen its autonomy in another 6 hours more. The battery is charging by clipping the supplied cable television to the earphone wire and plugging the other end into an extra USB port or charging plug. A complete top up is taking about 2 hours. Throughout the process, music can still flow through the custom made earphones.