If you thought your favorite childhood or adolescence toy – the “Polaroid” is long gone, you could not be more wrong! Prynt is the new future.

The enormous burglary of photos on the social media has made some individuals stop using them. However, we all enjoy taking snaps even if we don’t post them online. A French setup company produced a new gadget that will bring many users back to the good old days when Polaroid was the “smart” of the generation. Now Prynt – the casting that connects to the smartphones and prints photos from your phone instantly is alive.

What is Prynt

Prynt is a Polaroid instant camera that will deliver you instant long-lasting photos and memories. It charges by means of USB and it has 10 sheets of paper included. When you will be lacking out of paper, it is simple – you order it through Apple App Store and Google Play Shop. When the case and app are quickly set up, you can use it to take a video or print photo no matter if it is instantly taken or you have it in the gallery.

The Prynt Polaroid instant camera’s photos get developed quickly, or should I say immediately. You don’t have to wait or shake it like a Polaroid picture. Regrettably, the image quality is not a chance similar to the old-timer Polaroid, but the genuine charm of the Prynt instant photo printer lies within its ability to “print” a video. However, the whole process of printing is quite interesting, and it is like observing a magical trick. It a really cool gadget and you and your friends can have quite fun times with it!

The story behind Prynt

In 2014, founders Clément Perrot and David Zhang along with their team created this awesome Prynt Polaroid instant camera hoping to bring back the nostalgia for their old pal -the Polaroid. Now, you can send and make photos of your loved ones and use them as a decoration, because we all want to have a creative and stylish room and work desk.

Prynt’s Colors and Price

Prynt, the instant photo printer which went on sale on May 23 last year, is available in several colors graphite, mint, purple, and light matte gray color. It has a compact design which is comfortable for carrying it around in your hands. In addition, a strap lock lets you secure it to a wrist or hand, making it a pleasant accessory, giving you the cool look.

Where to buy it?

With a rate of $150, you can buy it directly through their website https://www.prynt.co/ or through other similar sales sites. The device stands for all iPhone models. However, the founders are assuring us that the printer will also be available soon for Android devices as well.

How to use it?

Prynt is basically a portable printer that overcomes your iPhone camera. This instant photo printer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2AEOgu4Dmc uses link-infused thermal paper with an adhesive sticker label backing, to print photos from your phone for immediate distribution.

  • Load your phone into the compact unit and connect it by means of the Lightning adapter, then adjust the size of the clamps to accommodate designs. Additionally, there is no need to remove an average sized case.
  • Next, download the Prynt app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prynt.android&hl=en and you are ready to start your journey.

The Prynt App

This application has many features that should be combined all together with your phone. It provides standard modifying functions, and numerous filter bundles, frames, stickers, labels and a lot more, which is similar to online making photos. Lighting and shadows can also be repaired, and in addition, you can add landscapes and other background effects. Then, you are ready for printing.


Despite being able to post and send pictures online and share precious moments with you friends, there still exists a greater satisfaction being able to hold the picture in your arms. Or, if you are nostalgic as me, you will keep your photos in a box and every time you feel down, you will open your little “Pandora’s box”.

If you feel this way, grab your Prynt Polaroid instant camera hit some parties and events and create and hold your memories in hand.