The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has launched a few months ago, and here are the reviews and characteristics about this Samsung Electronics design.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone that is unlike anything you have seen by far on the market. It is simply sensational. It is extremely expensive in a world where mid-range phones are more than great enough to deal with our stuff.

The screen is just dazzling. It is clear, sharp and provides charming color recreation to make movie watching a dream! This new model offers excellent performance, very good camera, a decent battery life (which is really important to all of us), has slot for inserting a microSD card and a lot more. Read the full Galaxy S8 Review and see how this phone really is.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 represents the peak of smartphone technology in 2017 so far. It is lovely, quick, has an insanely good camera, a fantastic screen, and tons of additional features. Some of them are great, but others not so much. In short, all the components are in place for this to be the best smartphone ever made. Now, all smartphone companies should come with a better plan to outsmart this new design.

In addition, Bixby (the artificial intelligence of Samsung) arrives in these cell phones by half, because for now, it does not have the most important and disturbing component of the cell phone: its advanced recognition of voice in Spanish, nor in English. Even in English, it is still in beta and a few users can access it. In general, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an excellent phone, but its fingerprint reader significantly impacts users daily experience. The

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

  • Display: 5.8 inches with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9
  • Resolution: 2,960 x 1,440 pixels
  • HDR Compatability: Yes
  • Processor: 835 eight core Snapdragon (four of 2.35 GHz and four of 1.9GHz) or Exynos 8895 of eight cores (four of 2.3 GHz and four of 1.7 GHz) with the new manufacturing process of 10 nm
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • MicroSD Slot: Up to 2TB
  • Battery: 3,000 mAh
  • Rear camera: 12 megapixels with optical image stabilization and double pixel
  • Front camera: 8 megapixels with autofocus and face detection
  • Operating system: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-fi 802.11ac, NFC, LTE Cat. 16
  • Water resistant: Yes. – Up to 1.5 meters deep, for 30 minutes
  • Iris Reader: Yes
  • Wireless Charge: Yes
  • Quick Charge: Yes
  • Hearing Aids Included: Yes

Other Features

In comparison to the Galaxy S7 Edge, the curvature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is much less pronounced, so this gives the impression that the device does not have both a screen rolled inside itself, but still allowing the content to be immersive.

The change seems good, as it allows the cell to be more symmetrical, feels better in the hand and it helps reduce the problems that can cause our fingers to block the screen or activate functions unwillingly. Also, despite increasing screen size, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is actually not much larger than the S7.

However, this change, coupled with its curved display, makes this cell phone more fragile and slippery than its predecessor (which had larger bezels and a flat screen) and also means other sacrifices. For starters, the front capacitive buttons and physical predecessors are no longer present. The buttons are now virtual (on the screen), although the company has integrated this technology so that at least in this lower part, towards the Start button, the screen can detect the pressure.

Samsung Connect: An app that controls everything

The new Samsung Connect app comes pre-installed, so you can control the devices from there. It also lets you know practical things like how much battery your smart watch has left. Samsung Connect is compatible and has a cleaner interface, but its installation is not necessary as Samsung promised.

The company will also launch Samsung Connect Home, a new router that integrates the functions and compatibilities of the SmartThings hub. This combination of devices and apps help Samsung extends its platform a bit more.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Pros & Cons

The good thing about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is that it is a delightful waterproof cell phone with excellent performance, battery life and camera. In addition, Samsung Pay is wonderful, it has 64GB of base storage, MicroSD card slot, wireless charging, iris reader and the new USB-C port.

The bad thing about the phone is the fingerprint reader. Galaxy S8 is really hard to unlock. The reader is not only located right next to the camera but is not as sensitive as other readers. Additionally, it is not only large, but it does not recognize your finger unless you cover a large space of the sensor. Also, this reader does not give you a vibration when it detects your finger, but when you do it incorrectly. When you place your finger, you need to leave it in place longer than you would expect before you recognize it.


This was the Samsung S8 Review.  This model has positioned as one of the best cell phones of 2017 thanks to its excellent performance, great camera, and beautiful design. But, its fingerprint reader has its flaws and can affect your daily experience.